Bill Bailey: Reincarnation Routine

[…] I love the belief in reincarnation that Hinduism has. It’s quite a positive view of the post-death experience, you know? You die, you work up your way through animal form back up to human form. But how long does this process take? Is it very long?

Do you die, you come back as a Gaboon viper, then as a Russell’s viper, then a Pitt’s viper and you think: “I’m just working my way through the viper family here. It’s going to be 400 years before I get any legs!”

Or is it quite quick? = Snail, earwig, human.

You might even get your old job back. Walk into the office: “Where have you been?” - “Don’t ask…”

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Bill Bailey Reincarnation Routine by humormaja

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