on editing in television shows

How editing in reality television shows can create non-existent storylines [see video above]

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As someone who works in reality TV, it’s much worse than you think. That’s cute that he shows we can change the context, but really we can change anything in any myriad of ways to sell it. From music that makes a bland scene seem more dramatic or comical, to frankenbites where we match up different quotes to make the contributor say what we want them to say. We use VO to change whole story lines and then just add those contextual interview bites to reinforce the idea in your head. Yes, audiences are getting better at recognizing it, but we’re getting better at selling it too and it’s every “non-scripted” show you watch. At one point I worked on Wife Swap for ABC. One of my jobs was to interview the family in person and then write their “Family Manual” that the other mom read on air. I also used that to write a schedule for the shoot that would encapsulate their lives and bring forward anything that was in direct opposition to the other mom. We knew when and what we needed the families to fight about and would have meetings like “Okay, on Wednesday we really need Mom X to argue with Dad Y about computer time for the kids. Let’s have her see the kids on the computer on Monday and get her on camera saying she doesn’t like it. We’ll talk her up about it Tuesday off camera, saying ‘Yeah, how Dad Y deals with his kids on the computer is nuts. I’d never let that fly in my house. I’d totally do things like you.’ by Wednesday, Mom X should be primed into thinking Dad Y is the ultimate computer Hitler or Hippy. Let’s have her see the kids on the computer again, ask her about it and if she blows her top, say “Well, don’t tell me! Tell Dad Y!” and she’ll storm in there and tear him a new one. Then on Thursday we’ll need them to reconcile.” We get away with a lot more than audiences realize, even the ones that think the curtain’s been pulled back.

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